Monday, 2 July 2012

Romance for the Fujoshi

I have a lot of friends who are Fujoshis. WTF is Fujoshi? Well, fujoshis are homophile women who get aroused by imagining two (or more) hot/cute guys loving each other. You might wonder again… WHY?! Gay sex is quite scandalous enough, but having female fans on it is far more outrageous according to normal society.

I myself am a fujoshi, quite proud and open about it too unlike before. Here, I am to discuss one of the greatest challenge of a fujoshi.

Most men out there would consider it a total turn-off if they found out that a girl is into yaoi or BL. I was once even called sick and disgusting (I was deeply hurt by that statement) back then. What hope does a fujoshi have in obtaining a male partner? Plenty, but it will be a harsh challenge and possibly sad.

Let us first analyze why do we like Shounen-Ai or Yaoi in the first place. First of all, we fujoshis are mostly romanticists. The nearly perfect romance that girls have been dreaming can be found in this kind of stories. Rarely have I seen characters from these stories cheat on their love ones. Next, we are a sucker for forbidden love. Love that defies society. Let us not forget that we swoon for handsome and ideal men… and in Shounen-Ai / Yaoi, we have TWO or MORE of these type of men. Most men in yaoi are basically perfect. Also, there isn’t a female protagonist that women will feel insecure towards to. Over all, it’s the romance, lust, passion, and a few laughs in the stories that we fujoshis are after.

We, being romanticists, seek love in the real world as well. But will men seek these types of women who watch two guys kissing or having sex? They absolutely DO NOT. It would be a dream to have a boyfriend like Hinata from the japanese film "How to date an otaku girl".

I have enumerated possible chances that a fujoshi will be able to obtain a romantic relationship with a man.

    1.)    I’m not lying, I’m just not telling the truth.
There are people who just do not admit to their partners about this fandom for Boy’s Love. Some claim they just grow out of it. It’s a secret to keep and to hold.
    2.)    He cheers for both teams.
If he’s bisexual, he is most likely interested in you as well. Now, ain’t you a lucky fujoshi for snagging someone who loves you and can fulfill your fantasies.
    3.)    I’m the near perfect girl and he does not mind a few flaws here and there.
He still thinks it is weird that you like those atrocious things, but when you are drop dead gorgeous, smart, funny, and *insert ideal female qualities here*, who cares?!
    4.)    He loves me too much to let go.
Here is the most common situation. A guy falls in love with a girl, likewise. But after a few months he discovers that her girl is a fujoshi. He won’t mind, she has my fucking heart and I will accept her and her hobbies. But there’s always a catch! As long as she’s not into *insert more atrocious interests here*. If you probably advertised to him that you are a fujoshi before he started liking you then it’s an 80% fail.
5.)    It’s a mutual understanding.
Now this is the rarest of them all. Usually men and women like these end up only as friends, but if they do end up in a relationship… that’s good as well. He likes Yuri (Girl X Girl) as well, so he kinda understands why I like Yaoi. He’s an otaku like me.

It ain’t truly hopeless for us. We just have to work harder for it and choose our tactics. What we do ask for is understanding. We fujoshis can see past beyond the gross and weird. We see the wonderful love and romance through it all. Lastly, I just wish that fujoshis should stop having such high standards when it comes to men! We are so hung up by these perfect and ideal men we see in BL stories. >_<

And now, a funny clip from the film, "How to date an otaku girl".

Disclaimer: I may have used harsh words in describing yaoi and fujoshi (atrocious, gross, weird) but please be reminded that I intentionally described them as something as an outsider would but my sentiments regarding the matter are not like that. Thank you!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

The lady behind it all...

Hello everyone! Since this will be my first post, I think it will be appropriate that I make it as an introduction post.

My name is Lady, though online I may be known as the "princess0fdeath", "hime", "thanatos", "dokuhime", and as of late "ladyious".

I'll make this easy and list down some fast facts about me using the "ELEVEN LAYERS".

Name: Lady (My real first name)
Birthday: July 20
Location: Somewhere in the Milkyway Galaxy in a planet called Earth
Hair Color: Black 
Righty or Lefty: Righty.. (I used to write using my left when I was young, that is before I discovered it's easier to write using my right hand)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Your heritage: Filipino
Your fears: Being alone in the dark
Your perfect pizza: Cheesy!!!!! with lost of meat! with extra CHEESE is what I would say if I weren't a vegetarian.

Your thoughts first waking up: "5 more minutes"
Your best physical feature: teeth and eyes
Your bedtime: anywhere from 1am tp 3am 
Your most missed memory: Being happier than what I am today.... 

Pepsi or Coke: None... I prefer Dihydrogen Monoxide
Single or group dates: Hmmm.. if it's with a person I barely know.. group date... if it's with a person I know... single
Adidas or Nike: Adidas
Lipton Tea or Nestea: Nestea
Chocolate or vanilla: Neither, I like yandere and yaoi (if you know what I mean)

Smoke: No
Take a shower: duh!
Have a crush: happy yes....
Think you've been in love: heart hahaha.. Yup!

Drank alcohol: no I don't drink alchoholic beverages
Gone to the mall: Hahaha.. yes!
Been on stage: YUp.... 
Eaten Sushi: chef yes!!!
Been dumped: No
Gone skating: Yup.. I was really bad at first... but it was fun!
Dyed your hair: No... I like mine to be natural

Played a stripping game: Hahahaha! yes
Gotten beaten up: Uhhh.. No. But I have beaten somebody up faint
Changed who you were to fit in: Uhh... at some point in my life I changed so I can be accepted.

Age you're hoping to be married: 27-32
Age you want to have kids: 30-onwards

Best eye color: black!!!! and red!! yeah!
Best hair color: black, brown, any dark color
Short or long hair: Long!

1 MINUTE AGO: Typing this post~
1 HOUR AGO: Eating... 
1 DAY AGO: Sleeping away~
1 YEAR AGO: multi-tasking and getting caught up in anime and manga

I FEEL: pressured bug
I HIDE: some parts of my personality
I MISS: a lot of people who I care about

My blog introduction 5 years ago:

Yoroshi-QUEEEENN!!! I am the 'Princess of Death'... but you can just call me Hime (princess in Japanese). I am a die hard fan of Anime and Manga. I am the kind of person who could always smile even though she is in pain and could brighten your day even if she couldn't even brighten up her own. I learn to accept people's traits and characteristics and try to understand them. A lot people say that I am friendly, out-going, noisy, funny, clumsy, talented, interesting, happy-go-lucky, blissful, understanding, and wild. Some people tell me that I am cold, detestable, haughty, deciever, complex, lazy, and apathetic in which I agree as well. Often at times, I prefer to hide my true feelings than exposing them. I'd rather smile and show all my teeth rather than showing how miserable I feel. I often find myself thinking about random and usuall stuff when I am bored. I am a multi-tasker and a crammer. I can watch anime while reading manga then talk on the phone, browse the internet, and chat all in the same time. Cramming is a very bad habit of mine. But, I noticed that I perform better when I cram. Ideas and my creativity boosts up when I cram. I also have a bad sleeping habit. I can stay awake for 3 days without any sleep at all. I get less than 6 hours of sleep a day... and can stay hyperactive the whole time I am awake! I love animals! If ever I had the chance to get anything I want... that would be having the powers to grant my wishes. And my first wish would be... "SAVE THE ANIMALS, WILDLIFE, and NATURE!" One great characteristic of mine is that I have a lot of hobbies and interests. I like sports, games (computer, nintendo, psp, playing), reading books (a total bookworm), technology, music, animals, browsing the internet, animation (especially ANIME), comics (mostly MANGA), shopping, bags (I have lots of them), scents, cold stuff (ice cream, etc.), foods, and a whole lot more!

My blog introduction 8 years ago:

My name is Lady Karen, I am ** years old. Do you know that Michael Jordan is really tall? Anyways, I have an anime and manga fetish, passion for anime and manga, and two cartons of milk. Calcium is good for the teeth and bones, so is Vitamin C. I am the kind of person who really tries to accept people, and learns to understand them better as I understand 1+1=2. A lot of people call me childlish, but I call them people who do not know how to have fun and enjoy life. I like money, lots and lots of money, that includes Krispy Kreme donuts. Did I already mention that I love anime and manga? Anyways, I love anime and manga. I would rather go watch anime than jump into a pool full of sharks. I would rather read manga than read the dictionary. Cheese is the best edible substance God had ever made. Without it, the world will be lost. My world does not only revolve in reading mangas and watching anime. My world includes breathing, eating, drinking, more drinking (water), taking a bath, and more anime and manga. I do not like stuff that smells bad, unless you are my pet. Do you know that we need oxygen to start a fire? I am also fond of surfing the net, but I do not know how to surf on water. Sharks are scary, but I like them. I love my family, I love my friends but most of all, we love each other. I do not know how love makes the world go round. So do not ask me. I love bishounens from anime and manga. If ever you have a problem with bishounens, like having something against it, please leave your complete name and address below and I'll personally see to it that you won't get to live for another month. If ever you're still alive after that, please leave a follow up note. Thank you. I adore animals, that does not include Homo Sapiens... unless you consider yourself as a monkey or an asshole. Have you heard? Emos are now wearing red eyeshadows for a more sorrowful effect?! O.O I'm surprised as well.Anime and Manga ROCKZ!!!! Anyways, if you are still reading this.. that means you are interested in me, deny it and you are really interested in me. Do not forget to leave a comment that is notsynonymous to nonsense, stupid, irrational, and arabic (I do not understand arabic. Jewish will do just fine). Let's not forget my distinct passion for stories... let me repeat... Let's not forget! 

I still laugh everytime I read the stuff I posted years ago!